Express parcel delivery company Venipak continues its expansion in Lithuania by offering a new service – Venipak Drive. This will provide an opportunity for each to become a courier and earn some extra money by delivering parcels in your free time.

“The sharing economy is a real trend in the world. The arrival of Uber in Lithuania and increasing number of online projects offer people to make money in their free time. We believe that anyone can deliver small parcels, therefore we’ve decided to offer an opportunity for people to become our couriers”, a representative of Venipak said.

Venipak Drive provides an opportunity to login to the Venipak courier network and to work in your spare time.

“The system is simple – you enter the number of parcels you wish to deliver and the time when you can deliver them. Our system will assign parcels to you accordingly. You can pick up the parcels from a Venipak parcel terminal or they may be delivered to you at the place convenient for you”.

The Venipak Drive programme is offered to people over 21 years of age. “A smart phone is the only thing the person must have, because the information about the place of delivery of a parcel and the confirmation that the parcel has been delivered will be sent via the phone”.

The representative of Venipak said that a courier can earn EUR 400–500 per month.  “The work isn’t difficult, if you are travelling home after work and there are delivery points near your home – you may deliver parcels and make extra money”.

You may login to the Venipak Drive programme at