One of the largest companies providing express parcel delivery services in the Baltic countries, Venipak, in cooperation with its partners in Lithuania is introducing a new service, namely, Venipak Pick-up which will make the dispatch and collection of parcels more convenient – you can send or collect your parcel anywhere that is convenient in Lithuania!

Representatives of the company say that the traditional door-to-door services will remain the most popular parcel delivery method, however, some people find it more convenient to send  or collect their parcels from somewhere other than home.

“People are becoming increasingly mobile and so we try to adapt to their needs. You might want to collect the book you ordered on your way home or on your way to work. We see that such local pick-up points are becoming increasingly popular with clients. We believe that our clients will really come to appreciate this novelty’, Andrius Balandis, head of Venipak group, said.

Venipak Pick-up points will be set up in a number of Lithuania’s cities and towns. They will be located in places that are convenient for people, namely, in shops and shopping centres AIBĖ and ELEKTROMARKT, as well as in smaller shops and other frequently visited locations.

“Parcel delivery and collection points are serviced by skilled specialists who will help you send and collect your parcel. Another important feature of the new service is that pick-up points will be open later than 5 or 6 p.m. So you will be able to use their services after work as well,” Mr Balandis said.

Mr Balandis also highlighted the fact that the new services will also be able to direct a parcel to a convenient pick-up point, if the client is unable to receive the parcel at their home at the agreed time.

“It is often the case that the courier arrives at a delivery address and finds that nobody is at home. This means that the client does not receive their item in time and we want to avoid such situations. Our aim is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. If a client is in a hurry and has to rush off somewhere and knows that they will be unable to collect or dispatch a parcel at the agreed time –they can then direct the parcel to a convenient pick-up point and collect it a time that is convenient to them,” Mr Balandis told journalists.

Venipak pick-up services are available in more than 30 Lithuanian towns.