One of the largest express delivery services in the Baltic region Venipak is introducing a new service – convenient shipment without any contracts! In addition, it is very easy to use the new service – all you need to do is simply enter the details of the parcel and pay electronically. Our couriers will take care of the fast delivery of the parcel not only in Lithuania but to any point in Europe as well.

Andrius Balandis, head of the company group says that this service will make it easier for customers who rarely send a parcel to do so.

“Our new service is unique in that it is very simple – you don’t need to sign a contract. Sending a parcel is as easy as buying something online. You only have to pay the automatically generated invoice using electronic banking and the parcel will be sent off to the addressee,” Mr Balandis said.

Venipak Fast service will also be available on smart phones. According to Mr Balandis, this will make the management of parcels faster and more efficient.

“You will be able to send parcels even when you are on holiday or on a trip,” he said.

People using Venipak Fast service will be able to see where their parcel is in real time. It is especially convenient for those who need exact information about their parcels.

The price for the service is calculated by a special Venipak FAST calculator which automatically computes the price based on the weight and size of the parcel.

You will be able to collect the parcels sent by Venipak FAST at Venipak pick-up points which can be found throughout Lithuania or our courier will deliver the parcel directly to your home.