Venipak provides storage services and services for the preparation of orders, otherwise called third-party logistics (3PL) services.

Venipak 3PL is a solution for all logistics challenges of the Lithuanian small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Storage
  • Selection of goods
  • Labelling
  • Kitting
  • Packaging
  • Delivery
  • Acceptance of goods into storage
  • Quality and quantity inspection
  • Management of end of line stock
The advanced warehouse management system ensures the quality of Venipak 3PL services. Venipak 3PL provides an opportunity to see the actual end of line stock in the warehouse at any time, register orders, monitor their implementation, supplement the stock, etc.

Venipak 3PL system can be easily integrated with e-shop and accounting (ERP) systems. Therefore, sales orders are automatically recorded in Venipak 3PL system. This allows a business owner to focus on essential business challenges rather than on warehouse operations.

Our services:

  • Acceptance of goods (mechanised and manual);
  • Goods inspection;
  • Quality inspection;
  • Marking;
  • Labelling;
  • Storage of small items on the shelves;
  • Storage of items on the pallets;
  • Selection of goods;
  • Kitting;
  • Barcoding;
  • Labelling with descriptions in Lithuanian;
  • Packaging using a variety of packaging materials;
  • Printing of consignment notes and enclosing them into the packaging;
  • Printing of invoices and enclosing them into the packaging;
  • Acceptance of goods in Klaipėda (unloading of containers);
  • Goods palletising;
  • Acceptance of returned items;
  • Inspection of returned items.

More information by e-mail: or by telephone: +370 700 55221