Clients of „Venipak” can use the platforms of electronic shops Magento and Prestashop provided for integration modules of „Venipak” systems.

Having arranged these modules, You will be able:

  • to use „VENIPAK” for services of a courier service in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia;
  • it will be so simple to call the courier, more than ever;
  • to save time and to work effectively as You will have opportunity to send the data of dispatches directly on the „Venipak” server and to print out the stickers for dispatches;
  • to establish the prices for various dispatches, the maximum size of weight of dispatch and the price based on which the
  • delivery of dispatch can be free of charge, separately for delivery to each state;
  • to designate different warehouses for delivery from which couriers of „Venipak” will take away the dispatches.

You will be able to make use of these advantages, arranging the „Venipak” modules and having signed the agreement with the „Venipak” company.

Concerning further actions please get in contact with manager who serves Your enterprise.