1. When will the consignment be delivered?

A: Couriers deliver consignments Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 17.00. On Saturdays consignments are delivered in major cities of Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys and Alytus. The time of delivery depends on the location of the recipient in the route of the courier. For more information about the delivery time, please contact us. Our contact details are provided at: https://www.venipak.lt/en/contacts/.

2. How can I send a parcel without a contract?

A: Find out the price and submit your order in the self-service section online at Venipak Fast fast.venipak.com. After selecting the recipient’s destination country, entering postal code, and the weight and dimensions of the consignment, the system will calculate several price options from which you can select the most suitable for you.

3. How can I change the delivery address of the consignment?

The delivery address of the consignment can be changed the next business day after handing the consignment over to the driver. In this case the delivery of the consignment will be postponed by one day. You can send the new address to us by email helpdesk.lt@venipak.com or call the general number 870055221.

4. How can I record the dispatch?

A: If a client has a contract with Venipak, he can record the dispatch by signing into his Venipak account. First, stickers must be recorded and a list of consignments must be created (Record consignments -> New consignment -> Create new -> New consignment). Once the consignments are packed and documents are prepared (stickers are attached and the list of consignments is printed) the courier is called (Call a courier -> New call).

If a client does not have a contract with Venipak, he can record the order in the Venipak Fast self-service section online at https://fast.venipak.com/ or by phone (by calling the general number 870055221) or by email helpdesk.lt@venipak.com.

5. How can I track my consignment?

A: If you have the identification number of the consignment/package, you can track it online at https://www.venipak.lt/en/tracking-information/.

6. How can I make a claim?

A: If a client has a contract with Venipak, he can make a claim by signing into his Venipak account (Reports -> Claim report -> Submit a claim). If a client does not have a contract with Venipak, he must complete the form of the claim by downloading it here: “Claim form” https://www.venipak.lt/en/terms-of-delivery/.

7. How can I sign a contract with Venipak?

A: If you wish to sign a contract with VENIPAK LIETUVA, to find out the conditions for the transportation of consignments and to obtain a pricelist, please contact our sales unit: Asta Morkūnaitė (asta.morkunaite@venipak.com, +37061473241).

8. How can I package the consignment properly?

A: In order to ensure safe transportation of the consignment, the client must familiarise himself with the Venipak Packaging Rules of consignments available at: https://www.venipak.lt/en/adequate-packaging/

9. In which countries delivery/collection of consignments is available?

A: Delivery and collection of consignments is now available worldwide. For more information contact your account manager or email global@venipak.com.

10. When can I collect a consignment from a Pickup Point)?

A: You can collect a consignment from a Pickup Point within 5 business days from the receipt of the code by SMS. More information is available at: https://www.venipak.lt/en/consignment-pickup-points/.