Venipak can now offer you modern complex logistics services ranging from the collection of goods, storage, distribution and dispatch, as well as delivery and other information management processes on goods movement.

Thanks to new technologies, 3PL solutions are optimally integrated and adjusted to the specific needs of the individual client. These services have been developed to provide your company not only with different advantages but also to help you grow in every possible way. We hope to meet your expectations even in the most complicated conditions and avoid disappointment.

Advantages of 3PL solutions:

  • PREMISES MAINTENANCE: All the expenses for warehouse maintenance are eliminated.
  • STAFF MAINTENANCE: You will no longer need a secretary or additional staff to supervise the warehouse and logistic processes.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Subject to particular needs, warehouse zones and labour costs may be increased or reduced thus avoiding seasonal fluctuations.
  • EFFICIENCY: Due to newly implemented technologies, warehousing processes have been automated, therefore, the risk of errors or problems is very low.
  • EXTRA TIME: The time which you previously spent on the collection, review, and assessment of products can now be spent on more important business matters.

Our modern infrastructure provides us with the capability to offer you services for the best price allowing you to save money on staff and logistics. To cap it all, our professional team is always ready to help you.