Venipak is a company providing quick delivery services and other logistic solution in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Europe and elsewhere.

Venipak is actively involved in the development of the consignment market and, emphasizing the maintenance of long-term customer relations as the top priority, ensures utmost quality of the services provided. Our services are used by companies offering their goods to be delivered within a 24-hour period.

Venipak operates as a responsible legal entity, market player and employer. Our company’s investment into the society is not just about developing our business, providing employment and taking care of our personnel; it also involves active promotion of the benefits of consignment delivery solutions with the business audience. Having determined the quality of customer service as its main objective, Venipak has set itself the goal of becoming the best service provider.



Venipak begins providing quick delivery services.


Venipak obtains an ISO 9001 certificate confirming the high quality assurance level that the company adheres to.


Venipak continues the development of its business plan and refreshes its trademark.


Pursuing the goal of expanding its operations internationally, Venipak commences its operations in the Netherlands.


The mission of our organization is the timely and reliable delivery of consignments to customers.


The goal of Venipak is to promote high welfare level for its employees and partners alike, making sure that the work the do would live up to the customers’ expectations to the maximum extent possible. We strive to achieve maximum harmony between the interests of our employees and customers.


  • Responsibility, transparency and precision. Our goal is to maintain a diligent and responsible attitude towards our employees, partners and customers. Open declaration of our plans and operations and the precise allocation of responsibility form a cornerstone for sustainably high results and the overall success of the organization.
  • Attention paid to our employees and partners. Only satisfied people can make our customer happy as well, therefore we care about the safety, motivation and working environment of our personnel.
  • Cooperation and initiative. We favour the cooperation within, between the employees of all levels, as we believe that any employee could be capable of yielding innovative and efficient solutions.
  • Happy customer. We pursue the principle that implies precluding any decision or choice of method by our organization with a question to ourselves: “is it going to conduce the customer’s satisfaction and the development of its business?“