Contactless delivery procedure

Dear customers, In order to protect our customers, customer recipients (Recipient) and our employees (Couriers) during the COVID-19 quarantine period, we have introduced contactless delivery.   Contactless delivery procedure for individuals The recipient’s signature in the courier scanner is changed to one of the following to avoid direct contact: The consignee is requested to sign…


Changes after BREXIT

Great Britain and European Union reached agreement – the country left the Union on 31 January.   What is next? It is important to know that after UK leaves EU export and import processes with this country will continue in the same way for the time being. Decisions on further trade relations between UK and…


Years dedicated to quality

The goal for 2020 is twice as fast delivery of a parcel in flawless condition Every time the end of the year approaches, we contemplate what the New Year is going to bring us and, most importantly, what else can we offer to the increasing number of customers who place their trust in our company.…