Shipping without Agreement

If you have a rush shipment but you still do not have the cooperation agreement with Venipak, or you use the shipping services so rarely that you do not want to enter into an agreement, you can still use our services and ship your consignments by using our online payment system. This offer applies to both business and private customers.

To place an order without the Partnership Agreement, please follow the subsequent instructions: 


  1. Please e-mail us at  or call +370 700 55 221 and provide us with all the necessary information about the consigner, the consignee and the consignment: the weight and/or volume, pickup address, delivery address and contact details of the consignee and the consigner. 
  2. You will receive an immediate order acknowledgement which will include the number of your order and the total amount to be paid for the ordered service. We will e-mail you the labels to be attached to your consignment.  
  3. Please prepare all the packages following the prevailing requirements.
  4. Click the “Confirm Payment” button and follow the provided instructions. 
  5. We will receive an immediate notification about the received payment and will send the courier to your specified location. 
  6. Upon request, we will e-mail you the Invoice for the shipping services. 
  7. If the weight or the volume of your consignment turns out to exceed the characteristics you paid for, we will put your shipment on hold and ask you to cover the difference between the paid and the required amount.