Proper Packing

Proper packing means that no one can access and damage the items inside the package unless the package is intentionally broken. Packing must also protect the environment from the danger created by its contents or the packing materials themselves.

 All properly prepared parcels must have external packaging (corrugated cardboard or wooden box, paper envelope, plastic envelope or bag or corrugated cardboard shell). Elastic film which is used to wrap the package is not considered proper packaging.

Proper packing instructions
Requirement   Good Example   Poor Example

Size. The minimum size of the package must be such as to fit the label on one of its surfaces. The dimensions of the label are 100mm x 150mm. The maximum size of the package (or palette) cannot exceed the following dimensions: 1200mm x1000mm x1700mm.
If the package is too small, the label cannot be properly attached, consequently obstructing the scanning of the package. Such packages are not suitable for transportation. If the package is to big, it is not suitable for our shipping techniques and cannot be transported either.

Part of the merchandise cannot stick out from the package.

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Weight. The maximum allowable weight of the package (or palette) is 700 kg. The palettes weighing more than 700 kg should be divided into several pieces in order not to exceed the maximum allowable weight.

The package must be of such strength that upon lifting it up while holding it to the sides the contents of it would not fall out. Don’t put more weight into the package than the maximum strength of the package allows.

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Firmness. Only new and strong corrugated cardboard boxes, envelopes or plastic bags can be used for packing. Your package will be loaded on top of other packages and other packages will be loaded on top of yours, therefore your package must have very firm border lines and corners in order to resist the static charge and not to collapse.

Packages loaded one on top of the other on the palette must be firm in order not to squeeze each other and not to fall to the side. The required amount of elastic film must be used.

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Filling. The empty space inside the package must be filled with packing material (paper, shaves, cotton, foam, air pillows, bubble wrap etc). If spaces around the items in the package are left empty, this will allow the items to move bumping and rubbing into each other and will very likely get damaged. The items inside the package should not lean on the package walls.

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Sealing up. If liquids are sent in cisterns or other special containers, please ensure that the containers have plugs with protections, that is, the plugs could not be removed without taking off the protections.

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Package sealing. Corrugated cardboard box must be sealed up with clear packing tape. Please put at least three full circles of the packing tape around the entire package in three different places. Insufficient sealing can break and the contents of the package can fall out.

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Adhesive packing tape. We recommend using the custom-printed packing tape with logo design which could not be obtained without custom order.

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