About parcel delivery

Venipak is logistics service provider which offers express shipping services and other logistics solutions in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Europe and other countries.


Advantages of choosing Venipak as your business partner for express shipping services:

You don’t need to have your own logistics department or driver, who would transport your goods. You will avoid such troubles as the driver’s paid vacation, sick leaves, vehicle maintenance, payments for vehicle, etc. 

You don’t need to have a merchandise delivery schedule, which your clients would have to follow. Using Venipak, the merchandise is delivered upon demand. Today the customer placed an order; tomorrow he will receive the goods. Your sales will increase.

Your expenses for logistics services depend on your active sales or on the seasonal demand of your goods: if your business grows, the expenses allocated to logistics increase; however, if the business slows down, the allocated financial resources are reduced as well. Having your own logistics department would mean stable expenses for the logistics services all year round. 

If before you could not calculate the exact costs of shipping to a specified location, currently, using Venipak online system, you will be able to analyze your logistics expenses by various aspects and criteria: according to clients, cities, etc.

You do not need to employ the managers who would go to your customers and collect the payment for the merchandise. This function can be performed by the courier upon ordering the C.O.D. service.

You do not need to have the managers who would go to your customers to pickup the item for repair service. This function can be performed by the courier who will pickup the broken merchandise and deliver it to you as a consignment.

You do not need the customer’s signature on the invoice as a proof of purchase – the Venipak P.O. D. document will serve the purpose. 

You will not have to worry about the damage done to your merchandise due to possible car accidents, natural disasters or theft. Venipak shipping insurance covers the damage incurred in such cases.

If you are a big company and have many shipments per day, you can integrate your business accounting system with ours. 


The customers of Venipak work in almost all the possible business segments. Among our clients there are wholesalers and retailers of auto parts, tools, household appliances, office equipment, computers and other electronic devices, work clothing and safety equipment, packing materials, dishes, beverages and numerous other goods. All these customers have an obligation to make sure that their goods reach the buyers or the end-users on the next business day.