Consignee Guidelines

Please distribute these guidelines to all your customers to whom you ship using Venipak shipping services.


  1. The courier has to deliver consignments to numerous destinations every day. Please try to make the delivery time of your consignment as short as possible.  
  2. When accepting the consignment, please examine if the packages are not damaged before signing the P.O.D. (the Proof of Delivery) documents. 
  3. If you detect the external signs of damage (torn or crushed box, missing or loose adhesive packing tape, wrong packing tape (should have been the one with the logo design) etc.), please make sure to write all the remarks on the P.O.D. or do not accept the delivery. 
  4. Do not open the packages before signing the P.O.D. The courier carries responsibility only for the package but not for its contents. 
  5. The party responsible for the contents of the package is the Consigner, therefore, if you notice that some items are missing, please contact the Consignee.

Please click here to download the Consignee Guidelines